Buyer's Guide Review

Travelander’s SWAGIT range of swags are designed to be cosy and are made with top-quality canvas, making them the perfect swag for any weather conditions.

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Offroad Camper Review

Barrington Tops hardly turned the weather on for this year’s Offroad Camper of the Year, instead offering up cold and soggy conditions amongst the high country mist.

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4WD Magazine Review

Australian innovation is a force to be reckoned with. Where would we be without Speedos and the bionic ear, wi-fi and the ute? Darren and Julia Hoger have continued the Aussie tradition of inventing cool stuff with the Travelander Evron SC2.

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Action + Adventure Magazine Review

When you’re touring there’s no doubt about it, you want reliability. Moving between some of the most remote locations in Australia can often mean days without seeing any kind of civilisation, so your gear needs to be up to the task of being selfsufficient and strong.

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4x4 Adventures

Back in 2008, I reviewed Travelander's GEO Convert and remembered thinking, "It couldn't be done any better than this." The combination of a hard-floored camper that was erected with the push of a button was something of a novelty at the time ... and I admit that I kept pushing that button just for the amusement value. But it seems that Travelander wasn't satisfied with leaving things as they were, and the inevitable GEO Convert 2 is bristling with new premiuum features.

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Travelander DC1 Premium

(Please note this article is a review of DC2 though it incorrectly refers to DC1).

Travelander’s new dual cab model means you can pack the kids in and still travel in style.

With around 60,000 new utes on the road in 2010 alone, the majority of those in a dual cab setup, it's no surprise that camper manufacturers like Travelander are coming up with products to suit this massively growing market.

The new Travelander DC1 is a perfect amalgamation of everything that makes the company's existing SC2 product perfect for touring, with a smaller package that will fit on dual cab trays.

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Australian Travelling Angler Review

Adaptable style – Travelander Evron SC2

Versatility is something we expect out of our camper trailers as a working, userfriendly unit, but it is not often you get dexterity when it comes to carting them around the countryside.
The Travelander has that versatility in that it comes as a fully functional module that can be lowered onto the tray back of a utility or onto an off-road trailer chassis. Just add supplies and get on the road or outback track.

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What's Up Downunder Review

Why Travelander?

Travelander... the people's choice!

The idea of Travelander was created from our personal love of family outdoor living and adventure. With the experience of outdoor camping behind us, we had the added knowledge to help create comfortable and practical camper trailers and slide-on tray back campers.

We have crossed many roads, travelled through deserts and viewed the true beauty of Australia in its raw and untouched state. We have fished the waters and caught many a great barramundi, whilst carefully keeping our distance from the watchful eyes of the great crocodile.

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"The Travelander Geo Convert brings comfort to campers."

Push-button remote control isn't readily associated with camper trailers, but that's exactly the basis on which the Travelander Geo Convert is designed.

The brainchild of Travelander proprietor Darren Hoger, the Geo Convert came about after rain-soaked camping trips ignited Darren's desire for a bit more luxury. Darren and wife Julia are keen campers, so the Geo Convert is not just a flight of fancy but a practical design with plenty of ease thrown in.

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NRMA Review

Automatic Weaponry

Australia's first fully-automatic camper trailer is run through the wringer on Fraser Island. Words and photography by Pat Callinan.

When I was a kid I thought that when I grew up, we'd all be flying around in rockets and going to the moon for the weekend. Technology would achieve great things. And while we;re not all switching on the after-burners every arvo to fly home, some things have made some serious advances. Like camper trailers.

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4WD Action Review

Travelander Campers

For all the dual-cab lovers out there, Travelander has just released there newly updated slide-on camper to suit everyone’s needs.

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4WD Monthly Review

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Caravan + RV Review

We're road-testing a camper-trailer that can be erected with the push of a remote control button. And no, I'm not kidding. Simply unlock the latches, flip out two legs, hit the button and hey presto, your camper is ready. No pegs, just two poles to be tensioned, and voila - a completely set-up camper.

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