In many ways designing an off-road tray back camper or camper trailer is like designing a home. We look at form and function both on and off the road and also when its time to set up camp, thus creating practical designs.

Our campers are a place that you will truly find yourself. Friends and family can sit back, relax and reconnect with nature. Thanks to our advanced interior designs, you can comfortably fit a large family, with our spacious living and sleeping areas.

So wherever you go, you'll be safe and sound with Travelander. Going bush doesn't mean going without the very latest in security and safety. We provide above ground sleeping areas for those that venture into the unknown.

The positioning of the queen bed allows for both people to climb out of bed without having to climb over the top of each other. There are stairs provided to the right hand side bed end, and a secondary ladder that is placed on the left hand side of the bed end.

Travelander provides highly durable canvas with zip lock enclosures including fly screen and weatherproof surrounds, to keep out those unwanted animals while you are sleeping. Now, the only hostile environment you'll encounter will be the one outside your tray back camper or off-road camper trailer.

So if you're serious about outback adventure, then Travelander is worth exploring. With choice designs and superb interior finishes, we've created your home away from home.

With Travelander the only thing you'll have to think about is designing the perfect adventure. Whether you tour the outback or the beach, we are with you all the way.

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