We have tried and tested many suspensions on our original prototype trailer chassis and have chosen without a doubt, the best premium independent suspension system for off-road conditions.

With independent suspension assembled to the trailer chassis, the wheel is directly located on the trailing arm. So in the unlikely event of a spring failure, the wheel remains attached and the suspension drops onto a special bump stop, which allows you to 'get to the closest town' to fix the problem.

The independent suspension also tends to 'iron out' the rattling effect of corrugated roads and also allows for greater centre ground clearance. It spreads the load of your camper trailer into the chassis across the widest possible distance giving better support and lower chassis stresses. Great suspension geometries, allows for greater handling on our rugged Australian outback roads.

Fitted with the premium cruisemaster brand, your first choice of independent suspension is coil; with an option of ordering the cruisermaster air instead.

Independent coil suspension

The cruisemaster coil independent suspension is not just another coil suspension. Sharing common parts with other cruisemaster products the product has a glowing heritage.

The design incorporates a special twin rate spring system. Initially the coil provides the springing, then as the coil takes up the loast a specially designed polyurethane spring guide comes into play. More than just a bump stop, this design registered feature provides a secondary higher spring rate for greater control at high loads.

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Independent airbag suspension

The cruisemaster air independent suspension has been developed specifically for caravans and trailer. The use of air springs has been known in the truck and bus industry for many years as a way of both protecting loads and even the road surface. The load sharing suspension has many advantages over traditional coil or leaf spring products.

The independent arms mean that bumps experienced on one side of the camper are not directly transferred to the opposite side. As the wheels rid over undulations they stay perpendicular to the road surface.

The air springs themselves are able to be adjusted to keep constant ride height no matter what load is being carried. In doing so the internal air pressure changes and so does the spring rate giving a perfect ride for all load conditions.

The control system for the air suspension provides for the ability to level the camper trailer or your vehicle across slopes when parked. The onboard air tank provides a ready supply of compressed air for pumping up tyres as well.

Literally riding on air, the suspension provides the best protection for your camper or vehicle.

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